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We Tried The 3 Week Diet And Here’s What Happened… [EXPOSED]

3 Week Diet Review


We Tried The 3 Week Diet And Here’s What Happened… [EXPOSED]

We Tried The 3 Week Diet And Here’s What Happened… [EXPOSED]

We all want the same thing…

To lose a TON of weight in as little time possible.

The 3 Week Diet promises just that, and creator Brian Flatt says that anyone on it can drop 12 to 23 pounds in less than a month.

Sounds too good to be true, right?

Well, we put the 3 Week Diet to the test by trying the diet ourselves and completed the full three weeks to come up with our personal opinion.

And what we found… was nothing short of interesting.

To break it down, the 3 Week Diet combines several different diets… all segmented into three distinct phases.

3 week diet

Like with most similar programs, it starts off with detoxing as the first phase.

Phase #1: Detoxification

The detoxification phase is definitely going to kick your butt. This phase is extremely important in getting you on the right track for the rest of the diet. Detoxing is 100% necessary for this diet. It helps rid your entire body and system of all the bad crap you’ve been throwing into it. Ever hear, “Your body is a temple”?

Well, this helps clean that temple 😉

Phase #2: Fasting (optional – but recommended for extreme fat loss)

Phase 2 is completely optional. If you’ve never been on a fast… it’s intense. You may have heard of intermittent fasting before. It’s where people only eat during a specific time of day… and the rest of the day, they can only consume coffee and water. Yes.. Yes… you can also have gum. It won’t ruin your fast.

It’s definitely not for the weak. Fasting is no joke. However, the results are amazing… So, if you can get through the first few days, you’ll finally get used to it.

I promise 🙂

Phase #3: Low Carb A

Low-carb dieting is nothing new… but it’s definitely the backbone to this diet. Now that you’ve rid your system (temple) of all those terrible mistakes, you need to focus on keeping it clean!

This phase is exactly that. Eating low-carb will keep your system in check and help avoid trashing your body again. Even though this is a 3-week diet, it’s the first stepping stone to long-term results.

Trust me.

Phase 4: Low Carb B

Phase 4… the solidifying phase. If you make it to this phase, you’ve probably have already seen amazing results. Your sizes should be smaller, your face should be noticeable thinner, and your energy should be skyrocketed.

This phase is meant to support your long-term. It’s the final nail in the coffin to that stubborn fat you’ve been wanting to lose, FOREVER.

If you make it here, you can’t help but smile.

The 3-Week Diet Further Explained…

3 week diet plan menu

It is quite apparent that drastic weight loss comes with this diet, and completing the different phases is certainly not a walk in the park for most people.

Detoxing and low carb diets often make you feel drained, but given that it is only three weeks, those who stick with it can expect to benefit from the promised weight loss. Ever heard of the “low carb flu”?

Fortunately – if you get this, “low-carb flu” , you’re on the right track to success.

The final phase of this 3-week diet becomes a bit easier once your body adjusts to the dietary changes making it quite achievable.

Anyone who finds the diet quite extreme can make a few adjustments, but you should know that this will detract from maximizing on your weight loss.

You Don’t HAVE To Exercise, Either…

3 week weight loss workout

However – Again, like with most other weight loss plans, exercise is an integral part of the equation. The workouts included are also split up into two phases comprising of different exercises.

A daily walk is required throughout the program… and there is an optional dumbbell workout included to maximize on fat burning.

Given that it is not a mandatory requirement for the program, it means that you can skip it entirely and still lose weight while on the 3 Week Diet.

However, putting in the extra effort comes with the much-welcomed result of losing a ton more weight, building aesthetically pleasing muscle, and melting all that stubborn fat.

The first couple of days are the most daunting, but a daily weigh-in can help counter it to keep focused.  There is nothing as motivating as watching the scale go down, and it will make the hunger pangs during the fasting and detoxing phases much more worthwhile.

Trust me… Once you see these results… it will be hard to stop!

Does The 3 Week Diet Work?

3 week diet reviews

I get it… the 3 Week Diet seems fishy, right?

How is someone going to shed that many pounds in one single month?

If this diet works, how come it isn’t VIRAL all over the internet?


  1. It is actually viral all over the internet.
  2. This isn’t just a diet… it’s a lifestyle change.
  3. Most networks and other media publications won’t publicize it because it’s an intense regimen than many people don’t take seriously.
  4. A lot of people, like with most diets, don’t stick with it to see the results.

FYI – If you’re still here, we don’t really have to worry about how serious you are about losing that excess weight.

So does it work? Tell me!

3 week diet pdf

To be clear… with this diet… the answer is, yes. You WILL lose weight with the 3-Week Diet program. However, how much you shed depends on just how committed you are to the diet.

The more effort you put in, the more weight you can expect to shed off in those 21 days. Cheating less and going the extra mile with the workouts can help you lose the promised 23 pound in 3 weeks.

We all understand the basics of losing weight; you must expend more calories than you consume.

Therefore, going on a detox plan and fasting, followed by a carb-controlled diet, will absolutely melt fat and shed stubborn weight quickly and efficiently.

The Research Is So Valuable…

3 week diet workout plan

There is a whealth of research available that backs this diet plan. You can look all over the internet and get conclusive information in the processed of detoxing, fasting, and eating low-carb.

And fortunately, The 3-Week Diet combines all three into an actionable blueprint that helps motivate and lead you along the way.

Brian Flatt, who created the 3 Week Diet, references an endless list of scientific studies to support the rationale behind each phase of the program. He also put the diet to the test, personally, with trial and error to find what works.

His exact diet manual features numerous scientific references.

Regardless, the weight loss achieved while on the program certainly speaks volumes.

Who Should Go on The 3 Week Diet?

Weight loss never works like a one-size fits all type of deal. Regardless of the particular program, several factors determine everyone’s individual ability to lose weight successfully. Now the 3 Week Diet will undoubtedly make you lose weight but is it right for you?

The program is best for anyone looking for a quick and relatively hassle-free way to lose weight. However, it does take willpower and commitment to see it through and achieve the desired weight loss.

To go back to the willpower aspect, it is best for anyone who is in the right frame of mind to start it and stick with it for the full 21 days. Hunger pangs are a part of the parcel, and that is what makes most people throw in the towel.

However, anyone with enough drive to commit to it one hundred percent will not have a problem losing weight on this diet.

Who Should Not Try The Diet?

While anyone looking to try out the diet can choose to do it or not, some people should forego it entirely. This includes anyone who has already started a medically prescribed diet.  For example: diabetics.

Vegans and Vegetarians will find the program more challenging. Particularly during the detox phase. However, vegetarians who have not excluded eggs as part of their meal plan can give it a try.

3 week diet review positive

What Does The 3 Week Diet package Include?

The 3-week diet is comprised of four different manuals:

Component #1: The Introduction Manual

This manual explains the reason why we pile on the fat. Additionally, it provides the core science that backs why the 3-Week Diet actually works. The manual also details what you should do, and most importantly, not do during the program.

It also covers the supplements you will need and how they will accelerate the weight loss process.

Component #2: The Diet Plan Manual

This manual outlines the process of calculating your BMR and how it relates to what you should eat for weight loss.

It also breaks down what you should eat and when you should eat it. (SUPER IMPORTANT)

Component #3: The Workout Manual

With illustrations and full instructions, this workout manual outlines the Full Body Fat Blasting Workout plan. The exercise program in collaboration with the diet helps you achieve the amazing fat loss. You really should follow this. I know working out isn’t the most fun part of your day, but if you’re serious about dropping those pounds, do it!

Component #4: The Mindset and Motivation Manual

This manual gives you ideas on how to stay on board with the diet. However, I’m confident after experiencing and seeing the results, you’ll have no problem with it. Once you start receiving compliments from your partner, co-worker, and friends about how good you look… you’ll probably never stop 🙂

(Not to mention those texts from all of your exes… priceless)

How Much Will You Pay For The program?

The 3 Week Diet’s usually sells for $97, but fortunately… you can get the program at a whopping 55% discount if you click on our coupon below.

That’s $90 OFF!

I know… it’s practically a STEAL.

It also comes with a wealth of science outlining the entire weight loss process.

By the end of the diet… you’ll have the knowledge to kick the pounds WHENEVER you wish. More importantly, with science that you can confidently back up.

Tired of hearing from your friend, “I seriously can’t lose ONE pound.. I don’t get it. My body just doesn’t react to anything. I’ve tried working out and eating salads.. but nothing. I’m doomed forever…”

Well after going through the program, you’ll be able verbally slap them with the truth… with exactly WHY they aren’t losing any weight.

Once you place your order for the 3 Week Diet, you can download all four manuals instantly.

The program also comes backed by a 60-Day Money Back Guarantee so there literally no reason why you shouldn’t try it.

3 week diet guarantee

If you’re not 100% satisfied, you can email them and get a refund. Simple as that.

Final Thoughts

To be honest, we knew the 3-week diet program would work even before we tried it.

Weight loss and nutrition is what we know… and everything in this diet is exactly what I would lay out for a friend if she was trying to drop an insane amount of weight in only a few weeks.

However – this guide, along with it’s research, it more valuable than 100+ diets.

Brian Flatt literally condenses all of his YEARS of knowledge and training into, one actionable program… that works.

Save yourself the late nights of reading review after review of some, ‘beach body’ program.

When you start this, you’ll see HOW it works. And more importantly, WHY it works.

Claim your 55% discount below before the coupon expires…

Get Your 55% discount here.

coupon IMG 2

Click Here To Get 55% OFF The 3-Week Diet

P.S. We still recommended is to get a physical assessment and go-ahead from your physician before diving right into any diet.

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