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Paleo & CrossFit: A Match Made in Heaven?

paleo diet and crossfit


Paleo & CrossFit: A Match Made in Heaven?

Paleo & CrossFit: A Match Made in Heaven?

There has been a tremendous shift in the fitness community over the last decade. People are moving farther and farther away from overly complicated workout routines, fad diets, and weight loss supplements toward simpler and more straightforward, dietary changes. A great example being training protocols like Paleo and CrossFit.

Both major changes in the fitness world came onto the scene right around the same time. While it took a little bit of time for enthusiasts of Paleo or CrossFit to figure out that both concepts worked so nicely with one another; once that happened the game changed completely.

Today, the connection between the Paleo Lifestyle and CrossFit is undeniable. Ninety percent of the most successful CrossFit athletes report leading a Paleo lifestyle. The ten percent report that they lead a mostly Paleo lifestyle with a couple of cheats here and there – mostly because they can’t completely kick their sweet tooth to the curb!

If you are looking to transform your body from top to bottom and enjoy the kind of fitness benefits that the paleo lifestyle and CrossFit can provide you with; all while looking the best and feeling better than you’ve ever felt before. Drop the day-to-day protein bar binge and simple bro workout.

Consider the Paleo CrossFit combination. It’s important to really understand everything that this combination has to offer and how to make the most of both lifestyle changes going forward.

Let’s dive right in.

Paleo and CrossFit are focused on simplifying and getting back to basics.

the paleo diet is perfect for crossfit

The thing that really helps to separate the Paleo lifestyle and CrossFit from the rest of the pack in the fitness world is the real focus on simplicity and getting back to basics which have eluded major fitness influencers for decades now.

The fitness industry today is filled with modern-day snake oil salesman looking to push and peddle solutions that are anything but solutions. Promising the moon and the stars when it comes to their new transformation supplement or training gizmo while understanding the entire time that most people aren’t going to use it enough to get tangible results and even if they do their results are far from guaranteed.

This is the juice behind the multi-billion-dollar fitness industry. The dark secret that everyone involved in the production of weight loss supplements to fitness equipment and everything in between understands better than most.

At the same time, when Paleo and CrossFit came along and really worked to turn the industry on its head. Getting back to basics in a way that completely abandoned over the fancy fitness equipment, unnecessary weight loss or body transformation supplements, and all the other pure profit centers that the fitness industry had been pushing for years to bleed people dry of their hard-earned money.

Paleo and CrossFit both work for several distinct reasons to achieve the kinds of results that people have been dreaming about. But the root cause behind why both fitness lifestyle choices are so successful is because they get back to basics, simplify, and make it effortless for anyone to get into and then stick with.

Both are determined to help create a foundation of fitness

The paleo diet fitness workout

Rather than people through cooling workout programs after grueling workout programs, compelling them to purchase more and more fitness equipment or expensive gym memberships to try out the new “workout of the week”. CrossFit instead rips away all that unnecessary “junk” and instead challenges you to build functional fitness and incredible help with little more than your body weight and a handful of free weights.

Paleo takes the same kind of approach when it comes to your nutrition. Rather than compel you to try all kinds of weight loss supplements, weight loss shakes, weight loss meals in a box, or other restrictive diet programs, Paleo simply encourages you to eat the same way that you are ancient ancestors did when our bodies were the healthiest and the strongest that they have ever been.

Simply eat lean proteins, plenty of vegetables, and fruits every now and again and you will not only lose weight in a hurry but you’ll also build a rock hard and super strong body that is healthy at the exact same time.

By getting back to basics and the fundamentals the Paleo lifestyle and CrossFit training make achieving the kinds of weight loss, bodybuilding, and overall health and wellness results you’ve been dreaming about as easy as can be.

There are no smoke and mirrors when it comes to these two programs, which is why they work so well with one another.

Both produce stunning results with lightning like speed!

The paleo diet and crossfit workout

The reason that the Paleo lifestyle and CrossFit have become so incredibly influential in the world of fitness today is that the results that they produce are proven and easy to see, but also because the results that they produce happen with lightning like speed.

When you switch to a Paleo diet you’re going to begin noticing the fat melting right from your body faster than you ever would have thought possible. We are talking about dropping ten or fifteen pounds in your first two weeks, twenty or thirty pounds in your first month, and even more over the next six months or so – even if you don’t exercise at all!

Combine the Paleo diet with CrossFit training, however, and you won’t just turn your body into a fat melting machine but you’ll also start to build lean muscle mass and become stronger, faster, and more energetic than you’ve ever been in your life. This is how so many people over the age of forty are “rolling back the clock” and winning the battle against Father Time.

Combining Paleo and CrossFit together is as close to a time machine or the Fountain of Youth as most of us are ever going to get.

Both help to improve appearance and short/long-term health

paleo diet and cross fit

While a lot of people choose to go down the Paleo and CrossFit lanes because they want to look a lot better, both lifestyle changes are also going to help transform your short and long-term health at the exact same time.

Inflammation throughout our bodies is absolutely devastating us from the inside out. Inflammation helps to cause obesity, cripples our immune system, puts a lot of stress on critical bodily organs, and has even been known to help cause cancer and other dangerous or deadly diseases. It wears us out, makes us feel tired to even after we have just woken up, and wreaks havoc on any injuries that we may have had already – even if those injuries occurred years and years in the past.

The cause – or at least one of the major root causes – of inflammation in the body today comes from eating too much sugar in the form of carbohydrates or processed sugar that we eat in sweets and junk food daily. A huge tenant of the Paleo diet is to remove as much of that extra sugar from our lives as humanly possible, supporting a much healthier and a much happier lifestyle at the exact same time.

By eating lean proteins, plenty of vegetables, and the occasional fruit every now and again – with an emphasis on the protein and the healthy fat in your diet – you will be able to reverse most of the damage caused by inflammation already. While at the same time, stopping information from continuing to race through your body any longer.

Combine that with CrossFit working to keep you strong, limber, and to increase your metabolism so that you can make the most of the food that you use to fuel your body and you are good to go in the fight against inflammation while also looking and feeling your very best!

Not to mention… with the amount of squats you do in CrossFit, you’ll build the behind of your dreams…

Both are effortless to get started with and become lifelong lifestyle habits

eating paleo while doing crossfit

One of the coolest things about Paleo and CrossFit is that neither of them is intended to be “quick fixes” even though they produce results faster than most any other fitness combination out there today.

Both protocols are intended to become lifelong habits and real lifestyles that you embrace, which guarantees that you won’t only be able to build the body that you’ve always dreamed of that you are also going to be able to enjoy that body for the rest of your life as well.

Quick fixes and fad diets or training programs may produce middling results before those results disappear completely later down the line, but that isn’t ever going to be a problem with the combination of the Paleo lifestyle and CrossFit training on a regular basis.

Paleo and CrossFit “play nicely” with one another and help to supercharge the results of the other

At the end of the day, the real advantage behind Paleo and CrossFit has to be the fact that they both “play nicely” with one another and really support the results that each can produce all on their own.

Sure, a purely Paleo approach is going to help you lose weight in a hurry and feel much better and a pure CrossFit approach will help you do the same. However, by combining these two together, you become almost unstoppable regardless of what your fitness and health goals might be.

Where to start?

The One Thing That Can Actually Make This Combo Stick

I’m going to let you in on a secret weapon of mine.

Before my friends and family begin their CrossFit and Paleo Diet journey, I always tell them to pickup my favorite Paleo Cookbook.

This isn’t your typical cookbook.

If you’re looking for that standard ‘broccoli & chicken’ recipe… you won’t find it here.

It actually teaches you how to make amazing dishes.

Dishes that actually taste good… and not like cardboard.

For ex… Pear and Prosciutto Salad, Bacon Bars, Smoked Chicken with sautéed Kale, Mongolian Red Pepper Beef, and much more…

I’m literally getting hungry just typing this!

Anyways, I heard a few days ago that the authors of the cookbook are giving away a few copies of the cookbook for free.

I already requested a few as gifts for friends… you can request yours here.

If you’re interested in the Paleo Diet and Crossfit or just want some new healthy recipes to try, head over to the page and request your copy of the free cookbook before they run out!

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