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The Biggest Problem With The Paleo Diet

the paleo diet is perfect for crossfit


The Biggest Problem With The Paleo Diet

The Biggest Problem With The Paleo Diet

Are you serious about your health and wellness?

If you pay any attention to the world of fitness and nutrition, the odds are very good you’ve heard about the Paleo Diet over the last few years.

When The Paleo Diet first arrived on the scene (about 4-5 years ago), many thought it was simply another ‘Atkins’ or ‘South Beach’ diet.

Many ‘Health Experts’ claimed it was nothing more than another ‘flash in the pan weight loss gimmick’.

They couldn’t have been further from the truth.

Success from the Paleo Diet spread across the internet like wildfire.

The entire dieting world was stunned.

Today, people are embracing everything that paleo has to offer as a complete and total lifestyle shift.

One that results in looking better, feeling better, and living healthier than ever before.

However, despite it’s popular success, there is one HUGE problem with the paleo lifestyle today…

I’ll get into that.

But first – you need to know exactly what Paleo consists of. If not, there’s a good chance you’ll fall off the “Paleo wagon” the way that so many others have before.

Let’s dive right in.

What exactly is a Paleo lifestyle? Why are millions jumping on the bandwagon?

the paleo diet is a lifestyle shift

Let’s strip all of the marketing and advertising away from what the Paleo lifestyle promises.

I want you to have a clean slate, here.

The Paleo Diet is a lifestyle shift.

And despite what you may think, living a paleo lifestyle isn’t that difficult.

You see, at its core, paleo is all about living the kind of life – at least from a fitness and nutrition standpoint – that our ancient ancestors did long ago.

Paleo relies on the simple process of cleaning up your diet from processed junk, an over-reliance on grains, and an over abundance of sugar.

These 3 antagonists run amuck, eat away your immune system over-time, and affect both your physical and mental health on a daily basis.

If you can remove these, that’s a great start.

Next, combining a consistent general routine of exercise with your diet will begin to reboot your body, reset your health and wellness, and allow you to look and feel better than you have in years.

Benefits Include…

  • Dramatically increased energy
  • A leaner and healthier body
  • Improved mental clarity and memory
  • More stamina and endurance than you’ve ever had before
  • A lot less illness and fatigue than you might have had in the past

All this…. simply by cleaning up your diet and moving your body more frequently.

Hard, right?

The Biggest Problem With Paleo

the big problem with paleo diet

Of course, as with any lifestyle shift, it’s not always sunshine and rainbows.

Especially when it comes to Paleo.

However, not for the reasons you may think.

You see, the Paleo lifestyle isn’t challenging, complex, or difficult to get into.

It’s number one problem is that many people get tired of eating the same boring meals all the time.

They learn the diet, go shopping once, and cook a few meals they found online.

Straightforward, right?

Here’s the issue.

Once they finish those meals, they feel like they have to either…

A. Start all over again by spending countless hours searching for new recipes and making a new grocery list.


B. Get the exact same groceries and cook the exact same meals all over again.

As a result — most eventually quit because they feel like they have to eat the same meals every week and/or put in more work just to stay on the wagon…

The One Thing That Can Actually Make This Diet Stick

my big paleo secret

I’m going to let you in on a secret weapon of mine.

Before my friends start their paleo journey, I always tell them to pickup my favorite Paleo Cookbook.

This book doesn’t teach you how to make that basic ‘broccoli and chicken’ meal and other boring recipes that tastes like cardboard.

It teaches you how to make simple and amazing dishes like Pear and Prosciutto Salad, Bacon Bars, Smoked Chicken with sautéed Kale, Mongolian Red Pepper Beef, and much more.

I’m literally getting hungry just typing this!

Anyways, I heard a few days ago that the authors of the cookbook are giving away a few copies of the cookbook for free.

I already requested a few as gifts for friends… you can request yours here.

If you’re interested in the Paleo Diet or just want some new healthy recipes to try, head over to the page and request your copy of the free cookbook before they run out!

Happy Dieting,


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