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How to Remove Acne Using Bacteria (once and for all)

acne bacteria - using probiotics to get rid of acne


How to Remove Acne Using Bacteria (once and for all)

How to Remove Acne Using Bacteria (once and for all)

I know, I know – it sounds really (REALLY) crazy to even think about applying MORE bacteria to your face in an effort to cure acne. Shouldn’t we focus on how to remove acne bacteria all together? Somewhat, however, truly understanding bacteria can be very complicated and confusing. Especially considering the fact that the overwhelming majority of dermatologists practicing today agree that bacteria on your face is the number one cause of acne.

How in the world could it be possible that adding more bacteria (the root cause of acne) to your face, could ever clear up your complexion? How could bacteria kick acne to the curb once and for all?

Well, according to new research by some very exciting dermatologists in the United States and Europe, it may be one of the most effective things you could ever do to banish acne from your life once and for all.

There is a difference between “bad” bacteria and “good” bacteria

the difference between good bacteria and bad bacteria

The researchers that are sharing information and testing different protocols in the United States and Europe have discovered really key facts about acne. Most importantly, the fact there is a world of difference between the bacteria that grows in clogged pores and the bacteria that the overwhelming majority of dermatologists believed to be the root cause of acne in the first place.

It turns out that there are multiple different kinds of bacteria living, growing, multiplying, and fighting for resources in your clogged pores. Some of these different kinds of bacteria are disastrous to your skin. They are some of the original culprits causing all kinds of inflammation and acne to manifest on your face. However, some of the bacteria are actually beneficial. Some bacteria on your face are actively working to scrub your skin clean and defeat inflammation.

The problem is, the overwhelming majority of the bacteria that you’re going to find swimming all over the oil on your face is of the “bad” variety. The bad bacteria vastly outnumber the good bacteria. This is why you are going to have so much acne prevalence all over your face, shoulders, and back. It’s also why you may have acne in other areas where oil is allowed to pull up and clog your skin.

According to the new research however, if you were able to swing the balance of bad bacteria versus good bacteria in favor of the “good guys” – you are going to be able to not only defeat the acne that was going to begin manifesting inside of those clogged pores, but the good bacteria will also begin to spread to all of the rest of your face. They will, quite literally, scrub you clean and keep acne from popping up in the first place.

Genetics play a huge role in your ratios

how genetics play a role in acne

At the end of the day, every single person on the planet can deal with acne flare-ups. Your genetics and the ratios of bad acne too good acne is the determining factor as to whether or not you ever have to deal with acne. Also whether or not you have to deal with only a little bit of acne, or never have to worry about your complexion at all.

Obviously, we are kind of stuck with the genetics that we have had handed down to us by our ancestors in our DNA. However, that doesn’t mean that you have to throw in the towel by any stretch of the imagination.

The genetic code responsible for “feeding” acne really only triggers specific hormonal responses. These responses flood oil and oil compounds to your skin. When you start to tinker with those hormonal responses, you start to change the way things work in your body. By changing your diet and mitigating the impact of biochemicals and hormonal swings, you are able to slam the brakes on the “food” given to bad bacteria. Meanwhile, supporting good bacteria at the exact same time.

This kind of approach is why so many people find changing their diet to be wildly effective. It’s a key element for putting acne on the back burner. The paleo diet, in specific, has proven to be tremendously effective for a lot of people. Regardless of their genetic background for clearing up the skin, the paleo diet is helping thousands of people every day. People are starting to look and feel a lot younger. More importantly, people are generally making sure they lead as healthy and as happy a life as possible.

Of course, applying good bacteria to your face may have a transformative impact as well

using probiotic spray for acne can have profound effects

I imagine if you’re here, you been paying well enough attention to the world of health supplements and healthy living. And if so, the odds are very good that you’ve discovered probiotics. Many world-renown doctors and nutritionists have highlighted just how powerful probiotics can be for transforming the bacteria in your gut. In turn, helping you lead a much happier and healthier lifestyle.

So probiotics can help remove acne bacteria?

Yes. It turns out that these exact same kinds of probiotics can produce stunning results to clear up your skin. Especially when pulled out of liquid form and turned into a topical spray. They force more good bacteria to grow on your face (and anywhere else that acne is popping up). This approach has good bacteria that you add to your skin “stealing” resources and food from the bad bacteria. This causes the bad bacteria to wither and die. Meanwhile, the good bacteria spreads throughout your face and cleans up your complexion at the exact same time.

Yes. I know it sounds a little bit crazy to add more bacteria to your face.

You can use good bacteria to get rid of acne once and for all

Especially when you know that bacteria is the root cause of acne.

However, there is a world of difference between good bacteria and bad bacteria. This is fantastic news. Good bacteria is going to be a powerful ally in helping you clear up your skin almost overnight.

Best of all, topical probiotic sprays are incredibly inexpensive and can last anywhere up to eight weeks or longer. This gives you the best bang for your buck when it comes to an acne solution. You have nothing to lose to try it out all for yourself. You’ll be absolutely stunned at what you’re able to discover. Especially after just three or four applications of a probiotic spray to your face.

Don’t be surprised if you find your acne to be disappearing almost overnight. Also – don’t be surprised by the fact that your acne doesn’t seem to want to re-manifest itself anytime soon either.

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