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10 Popular Benefits of Turmeric (Learning Turmeric Uses)

benefits of turmeric


10 Popular Benefits of Turmeric (Learning Turmeric Uses)

10 Popular Benefits of Turmeric (Learning Turmeric Uses)

You may have seen turmeric in the spice isle or maybe you even have some at home, but aside from curry and other exotic world foods, what are the benefits of turmeric? For starters, turmeric is filled with antioxidants and it is also commonly used as an anti-inflammatory supplement to aid skin health. Turmeric uses have been in existence much longer than over the counter creams and medications, which should say something about its holistic health benefits.

What exactly is turmeric? It comes from the same family the ginger plant and has been used for both its beautiful color and medicinal uses throughout history. Currently, the health benefits of turmeric outweigh using it for color due to the accessibility of lab-made dyes used for color.

Popular Benefits of Turmeric

turmeric health benefits

Some popular health benefits are anti-inflammatory properties, a high concentration of antioxidants, heart-healthy benefits, arthritis relief, and mental sharpness.

Is there anything you should worry about health-wise when it comes to experimenting with the use of turmeric? Yes, if you are pregnant or nursing or if you are thinking of using turmeric as your only medicinal supplement, it is important to consult a medical professional first.

For use in meals or general household use, not aimed to be used as a sole medication, that should be fine as it is used in restaurants and you don’t call your doctor before you order a meal!

The Top 10 Uses for Turmeric

turmeric side effects

Does turmeric sound interesting? Do you like finding natural ways to benefit your health? Now we’re going to go through the top ten uses for turmeric, so keep reading and start incorporating wonderful turmeric in your life today!

1. Turmeric Used to Make Tea

Alright, this concoction isn’t exactly a tea because you don’t have to steep it. Take turmeric with other spices—pumpkin, cinnamon and nutmeg mixed with some sweetener and some type of creamy “milk” substance. Warm it and enjoy, sneaking a little turmeric in, you will get the lovely spice taste and redeem the benefits it has to offer.

2. Broth

If you follow holistic health practices, you know the importance of bone broth for overall health. Just make broth as you usually would and add a portion of turmeric, if you prefer, also add some vegetables or rice to make your broth a delicious meal.

3. You Don’t Have to Eat it for Benefits

If you think you would like to try using turmeric because the benefits but you aren’t convinced you want to eat it, you can make a mask and apply it to your face. With the anti-inflammatory properties, it will have you looking refreshed in no time.

4. Create a New Spice

Have you heard of curry powder? It is a staple in cuisines worldwide and can be purchased in big stores or small spice shops. Take a look at the label and you will find turmeric every time. Save money and make your own to use in dishes and enjoy the health benefits.

5. Refreshing Smoothies

Get your turmeric in first thing in the morning and make a delicious smoothie. Add ice, frozen fruit, a banana and some fresh kale and spinach. Then, blend with water or apple juice and add turmeric.

6. Say Goodbye to Inflammation

Have you heard of a poultice? If you use turmeric in a poultice on your skin, it will both reduce inflammation and comfort your sensitive skin. It can be used for combating conditions such as eczema and psoriasis due to its anti-inflammatory properties. It is not only for facial skin use, put it on arms, legs or feet.

7. Correct Acne and Gain Confidence

Again, the importance of anti-inflammatory properties plays the key role in stopping acne and soothing already existing acne. Try creating a light paste using honey and a dab of turmeric, then rub it on your spots and see results in a natural way. Many acne products only dry out the skin and use alcohol, maybe it helps your skin for the present but long term you will see the damage that will age your skin. Be confident and treat your skin the most natural way you can, with products from plants versus factories. Your future skin will thank you!

8. Safe and Natural Teeth Whitening

You’ve heard of oil pulling, coconut oil is great for teeth whitening, but turmeric is also an alternative to the dangerous whitening chemicals found in stores that cause tooth sensitivity and run the risk of drying out your gums. Not to mention, turmeric is much more affordable than traditional whitening kits or dental procedures that insurance may or may not cover.

9. Anti- Itch

If you have mosquito bites or other bug bites that cause you to itch. If you have a sunburn that is causing you pain, or if you suffer from a skin condition such as eczema, then you might want to try mixing turmeric with a substance like an aloe vera cream and applying it to your skin. Yes, it sounds like it could get messy because it can…but it brings natural relief without causing unnecessary drying of the skin that many topical itch creams do.

10. Don’t Reinvent the Wheel

We’ve given you so many ways to use turmeric in creative ways that perhaps the most simple and accessible way to use turmeric daily has been overlooked. If you don’t feel like making a smoothie for breakfast and using turmeric, scramble eggs and add it as a topping. If you prepare a chicken, use it in your spice rub and benefit simply yet wholly.

Final Thoughts

turmeric uses

That seems like a lot to take in but look at it as options and a way to build a glossary for your life of items that can help you with daily ailments in an Ayurvedic manner. Continue to be creative and think of new ways to use turmeric be it in food or homemade beauty products. The takeaway is that even in your kitchen, you can find ways to health your body, and mind for the better. Start improving yourself and your health today.

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