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I Tried the Keto Diet and Here’s What I Learned


I Tried the Keto Diet and Here’s What I Learned

I Tried the Keto Diet and Here’s What I Learned

Reading about the keto diet for the first time was a real eye-opener for me. It seemed that by eating bacon, butter, and cheese, weight loss can actually happened.

“I thought these things were supposed to fatten you up?”

“Won’t I get nauseous from chowing butter and cheese every day?”

These were the questions that ran through my mind.

That was it…I just had to satisfy my curiosity.

There was no way I was going to pass up the opportunity to test run this undoubtedly intriguing diet.

My test run lasted for exactly 10 full days and these are my main findings:

#1: Prepare Your Meals Ahead Of Time

The ketogenic diet

Okay, here’s the deal with this diet…

Each day, it wants you to eat about 75% of your calories from good fats, 15% or so from protein, and 10% from zero starch carbs.

Follow this ratio to drive the body into complete ketosis. The body will then begin to use fat instead of glucose for energy, and weight loss occurs.

That’s the gist of this diet.

Now, what you want to do is set aside some time to prepare your keto-friendly meals in advance.

This is important because if you start preparing a meal only when hunger comes around, chances are, you going to reach out to those keto-forbidden foods which are probably the staples in your regular diet e.g. rice, potatoes, and breads.

These are starchy carbs and if you eat them, then you can forget about going into complete ketosis.

When it comes to the actual process of preparing ketogenic diet meals, I got a mega helpful tip for you at the end of this post so don’t stop reading just yet, alright?

#2: Cuts My Hankerings for Sugar-Laden Foods

sugar cravings keto diet

I’m down with gobbling just about any sugar-laden foods.

My favorite treat?


After just a couple of days, I found that I wasn’t so keen on scones. For real!

Although the urge to eat them kind of popped up a little as I walked past the bakery that I often frequent, but I didn’t dash inside like I used to.

By day seven, the hankerings completely stopped. I was in no mood to even look at a single sugary delectable.

I truly felt satiated just by looking at one.

I believe the nullification of my cravings occurred because of the ample amount of fat I consumed with each meal.

This is by far, the most satiated diet I’ve ever been on.

#3: Flattens My Tummy (But No Visible Six-Pack)

ketogenic diet flat stomach

When you sleep you lose around a pound or more water weight.

Upon waking up, you’ll find yourself with a flatter tummy.

Okay, that’s fabulous.

Unfortunately though, it doesn’t remain that way for long because with water weight, it comes right back on once you start eating and drinking throughout the day.

But if you go on a keto diet, the flatter tummy you experience after each time you wake up tends to stay that way rather persistently.

The reason can be attributed to the fact that when you go keto, you tend to eat less fiber- and carb-rich foods.

Excessive consumption of fiber is one of the most common causes of bloating in the gut. It’s even more prevalent in people with problems with their gastrointestinal.

Carb is a nutrient that retains water so it makes sense that if you cut down your intake, your body won’t be holding as much water, particularly in the stomach.

#4: Keeping Consistent with Ketosis is Challenging

Getting into ketosis

Maintaining discipline while you’re on keto is no easy feat.

It’s easy to grow tired of eating eggs, butter, olive oil, cheese, lard, and the like, day in and day out.

Eventually, you’ll likely succumb to the dark urge of devouring starchy carbs and sweet treats.

And let’s not forget the lack of ideas when it comes to preparing keto meals that whets the appetite.

But hey, I did say I have a “mega helpful tip” to help you in this regard, right?

So here it is…just get this FREE recipe book. Problem solved.

There are oodles of tantalizing recipes in that book and practically all of them are easy to prepare.

With this wonderful resource at your disposal, there’s no reason for you to fall off the wagon when you go keto.

The book kills two birds with one stone as it deftly solves the issues presented in findings #1 and #4.

It’s free for the time being, so you want to grab it quickly before an actual price tag gets stamped on it.

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