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Best Cure For A Hangover? Here’s How to Get Rid Of A Hangover Fast

5 Important Natural Cures for Your Next Hangover


Best Cure For A Hangover? Here’s How to Get Rid Of A Hangover Fast

Best Cure For A Hangover? Here’s How to Get Rid Of A Hangover Fast

Looking for the best cure for a hangover? Here’s how to get rid of a hangover fast…

That uneasy, slightly queasy, and heavy-burdened feeling that goes along with fatigue and a headache from hell known as a headache. The scourge of bad drinking side effect has never been succinctly cured. Some consider it a natural phenomenon. However, it is not.

To make matters far worse, unfortunately, hangovers often hang around longer than we might like. Then again, perhaps the after effects of a night of drinking are aptly named for precisely that reason.

So what’s the best cure for a hangover?

The only certain way to avoid a nasty hangover is to refrain from drinking alcohol altogether. Alcohol is the chemical inverse of its own natural ingredients, and as such, of course, presents a challenge for your body when it comes to digestion. This is especially true for your poor, overworked alcohol soaked liver after a night of partying hardy and hard drinking.

Of course, that is a tall order, unless of course, you have gained a true appreciation for the always delicious Paleo mocktail. Short of that, or if you are fully Paleo but grant yourself a fully loaded cocktail on a special occasion, here are some natural cures for a hangover that you will want to keep in mind.

Natural Hangover Cure #1: Water

Water will always be the best cure for a hangover. Especially if you're interested in how to get rid of a hangover fast.

Water is your number one natural cure for a hangover. It is recommended that you drink one eight-ounce glass of water for every alcoholic beverage you consume. This, of course, you might call eight ounces of prevention, rather than a cure. That stated the reason water works so well is because it helps you dissolve the alcohol during drinking. The next morning after a night of drinking, water is still your best friend, because it helps to rehydrate you after all that alcohol has dehydrated your body. Some say it’s the best cure for a hangover.

Drinking plenty of water while you are enjoying your special night of boozing is critical. If you can’t choke it down, try making lemon water. It may aid in taste.

In fact, some people are able to avoid hangovers altogether by making certain that they put back more water than they do alcohol, even as they otherwise enjoy themselves. Try drinking plenty of water on your next night out on the town and see if you can count yourself among the lucky few who can!

Natural Hangover Cure #2: Epsom Salt or Mineral Salt Baths

Here's how to get rid of a hangover fast. Epsom salt can be considered the best cure for a hangover

Detoxification is the name of the game when it comes to hangover cures. It’s a vital to get rid of a hangover fast. But is it the best cure for a hangover? A nice warm bath in some soothing mineral or Epsom salts can aid in the detoxification process. Not only will it help detoxify, it will also help relieve stress. Adding an oil, like lemon essential oil, can help.

Above all, a relaxing bath gets the blood moving, which helps the liver to do its job and remove toxins. It’s like all that tequila or vodka from the night before – out of the body. Not only that, there is an undeniably soothing and healing feeling from taking a nice mineral or Epsom salt bath.

Natural Hangover Cure #3: Coconut Kefir

Looking for how to get rid of a hangover fast? Coconut kefir can aid as the best cure for a hangover.

Coconut kefir is made from coconut water, though it is a probiotic version with very low (or no) sugar at all. Coconut kefir can be one of your secret weapons when it comes to how to get rid of a hangover fast because it aids your body to become rehydrated. It can also replace vitamins that have been depleted during your imbibing. Coconut kefir can help to clean out the liver, and that can help mitigate the damage done by consuming alcohol. You can also add a little bit of baking soda if your stomach is too acidic. It could be the best cure for a hangover.

Natural Hangover Cure #4: The Sauna

the sauna can sometimes be the best cure for a hangover. It can help when you're looking for how to get rid of a hangover fast.

The sauna is another great place to shed toxins. Of course, the sauna causes you to sweat, which in turn purges toxins through the pores. Since detox is the key to beating a hangover, it makes sense that the sauna would help you to that end. Some like to say it’s the best cure for a hangover but it isn’t necessary when looking how to get rid of a hangover fast.

Just be sure you are sufficiently hydrated before and after you hit the sauna. Since a night of drinking depletes hydration, you do not want to make matters worse in they sauna by sweating out fluids you need. Also, it is a good idea to not hit the sauna first thing in the morning after a night of heavy drinking. Try some other natural cures for your hangover before you hit the sauna.

Natural Hangover Cure #5: Natural Remedies

ginger could be the best cure for a hangover. If you want to know how to get rid of a hangover fast.

There are a few natural painkillers that can help relieve the headache associated with your hangover. Other than helping with cramping, ginger and turmeric are a couple of examples when you’re interested in how to get rid of a hangover fast. (1) A good tea made with lemon balm will also help relieve an aching head. Any of these natural painkillers will serve you much better than an over the counter pain medication, as we will discuss next.

Special Tip: Avoid Over the Counter Medications

Over the counter drugs are not the best cure for a hangover. They will not help you in regards to how to get rid of a hangover fast.

When you wake up after a night of drinking with a splitting headache and a feeling of malaise, the natural temptation is to reach for some over the counter medications. Typically in pill or powder form. Unfortunately, this is not a good plan of action for a couple of big reasons. One, many over the counter medications (especially the ones in powder form) that you might normally use to treat a headache can cause liver damage in conjunction with alcohol. This is even noted in the warnings on the labels of such medicines. The other reason this is a bad idea is because medications replace pain with numbness, which can last longer than your headache might have, otherwise, had you employed a natural headache cure instead. This will not help you in your quest in how to get rid of a hangover fast.

Conclusion: Understand Your Hangover

The basic cause of any and all hangovers is the body’s natural attempts to rid itself of toxins; that is, of the alcohol you downed earlier. This effort puts pressure chiefly on the liver, as it wrestles to perform its essential function, detoxification. Blood sugar levels spike and the adrenal system is taxed to its limits. Fatigue and a monster headache result.

Especially if you’re looking for how to get rid of a hangover fast.

There is no substitute for the preventative that is hydration, so it is truly best to start hydrating early and often during the night. You should also be alternating beer or cocktails with tall glasses of water. If you’re extremely concerned about detoxifying your liver, try milk thistle. (2) Of course, you can also enhance your prevention by shying away from hard liquor and highly alcoholic beers and veering towards either lighter cocktails or low alcohol content brews. Then again, there is no shame in throwing back O’Doul’s non-alcoholic malt beverages.

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