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10 Amazing Lemon Essential Oil Uses & Benefits {Quick Guide}

lemon essential oil uses


10 Amazing Lemon Essential Oil Uses & Benefits {Quick Guide}

10 Amazing Lemon Essential Oil Uses & Benefits {Quick Guide}

Are you looking for an essential oil which has cleansing power, boosts the body’s resting metabolic rate and nourishes the complexion? If so, you should know that lemon essential oil fits the bill! Looking for lemon essential oil uses? You’ve got to the right place… Lemon essential oil is loaded with tons of benefits, may be used in a variety of ways, and it’s easy to find online and offline.

Today, we’d like to talk about the key advantages, and it’s top 10 uses.

Discover Lemon Essential Oil Uses

lemon essential oil benefits

Lemon is renowned for its capacity to clean out toxins from all areas of the human body. As well, it’s a popular choice for stimulating drainage of the lymph nodes, which are filters for the lymphatic system.

In addition, this aromatic essential oil is rejuvenating and use it to feel more energized. It’s also popularly used to purify complexion. (It will even repel insects!)

One popular study which came out last year, via the International Journal of Food Microbiology, touted lemon essential oil as the most effective anti-germ essential oil.

A second study, from Experimental Biology and Medicine, showed that the simple act of breathing in the heady scent of this pretty yellow oil has the power to boost activity in the brain and promote body fat breakdown!

Lemon Essential Oil is One of The Most Versatile Oils

the best essential oil for cleaning

Whether you want to whiten your teeth, freshen up a batch of laundry, banish or minimize the appearance of cellulite, find a better way to clean your face, or find a natural cleaner for your home… you’ll soon discover, via this helpful guide, that lemon does all of these things and more.

Ayurvedic medicine began to be practiced in India three thousand years ago. It remains popular in India and elsewhere around the globe today. Lemon essential oil is utilized in Ayurvedic medicine in order to alleviate symptoms of a host of health issues for centuries.

Simple and plain: The beneficial, health-boosting properties of lemon essential oil are backed up by science.

One Ayurvedic expert, a doctor name J.V. Habbar, who works as an assistant professor at the Alva Ayurveda Medical College, believes in the power of this oil. According to Habbar… lemon essential oil is great for freshening breath, quenching thirst, purifying the body, cleansing the skin, aiding good digestion, relieving colic discomfort, soothing coughs, calming the tummy ,and quelling nausea.

It was also referred to  be able to limit malabsorption, nourish the complexion, make weight loss easier and lower the deposition of cholesterol within blood vessels.

According to the doctor, it even helps prevent heart disease.

10 Easy Ways To Use This Oil

Since it has so many medicinal benefits, it’s safe to say that this essential oil is used in a multitude of ways. There are too many to list here due to space constraints. However, we’d like to focus on 10 of these uses today.

1. Laundry

laundry can benefit from lemon essential oil

Did you leave the wash in the washer for a long time? Were you busy or just forgot to move it to your dryer? If so, you should know that adding a few drops of this oil to your clothes will stop them from developing a bad odor. Try it on your next load!

2. Teeth Whitening

lemon essential oil can help whiten teeth

Simple create a paste from the oil. Use coconut oil, baking soda, and a few drops of lemon essential oil. Apply it to your teeth for a couple of minutes before rinsing it off and you’ll whiten your teeth without needing to spend a bundle on chemical-laden whitening formulas.

3. Hand Cleaning


using lemon essential oil to clean handsOur hands get dirty when we work hard! If you’ve been doing some tasks around your home and you have hands which are on the greasy side, you’ll be able to use a couple of drops of this oil, along with soap and very warm water, to cut the crease and get super-clean.

4. Natural Home Cleaning

lemon essential oil as a natural cleaner

If you want to stop using bleach and alcohol in order to get germs off of your countertops or other household surfaces… you should know that adding forty drops of this essential oil to twenty drops of tea tree essential oil to a spray bottle, and then filling the bottle with water (add a dash of white vinegar, too) will allow you to clean with ease. Ditch the typical chemicals and harshness of over the counter cleaners. You’ve got a secret weapon in your arsenal now.

5. Natural Face Cleansing

cleanse your face with lemon essential oil

This oil is great for skin care. If you want to try cleaning your face with this essential oil, we recommend creating a paste with honey, baking soda, and lemon oil. Massage it in, leave it for a few minutes and rinse it off. It’s particularly effective for those who are suffering from hormonal acne.

6. Polish Silver and Wood

using lemon essential oil to polish wood

Add lemon oil to a clean, soft cloth which won’t scratch wood and silver. You’ll be able to use the oil as an effective silver and wood polish. Wood also happens to naturally benefit from essential oil. Why do you think all of those cleaning companies use it in their products?

7. Get Rid of Gum and Stickers

clean gum off with lemon essential oil

Sometimes kids leave sticky messes behind. Oh sorry… I mean all the time. If you live with kids and want to remove their gum and stickers from surfaces, you’ll find that lemon essential oil works wonders. Just dab it where there’s problem and let it soften the stickers and/or gum. Within a few moments, you should be able to remove it easily.

8. Lemon Is a Mood-enhancer

lemon essential oil is a natural mood booster

If you want to brighten your mood in an instant, consider diffusing this oil in your home. It’s known to boost mood and combat symptoms of depression. However, if you’re really depressed, we do recommend talking to a doctor about how you are feeling. While lemon may help, a doctor will be your best resource.

9. Immune System Health

lemon essential oil is great for your immune system

This oil improves drainage of the lymphatic system. This means that it may help you to get over a cold sooner. To access the immune system benefits of the oil, make it into a paste with a bit of coconut oil and then rub the paste on your throat.

Lemon Oil Has Proven Benefits

At present, there are over five hundred and nineteen scientific studies which prove the benefits of lemon essential oil. It’s believed that one substance in the oil, which is known as d-limonene, is the reason why lemon is so beneficial to human health. D-limonene is an anti-oxidant and a cancer fighter.

Many forms of lemon essential oil contain up to seventy percent d-limonene. This explains why it’s been so beloved in Ayurvedic medicine for a thousand years and counting.

This oil is created through cold-pressing of the peels of lemons, rather than the fruit inside of the peels. The peel contains the most nutrients. These nutrients are fat-soluble phytonutrients.

Fun Fact: Late last winter, a study appeared which showed the value of lemon essential oil aromatherapy for women who were expecting babies. These women found that breathing in the oil helped them to soothe nausea and stop vomiting.

Lemon Essential Oil For Aromatherapy

lemon essential oil aromatherapy

One hundred percent of women in the study reported improvements due to lemon aromatherapy. They noticed improvements within a couple of days! Overall, the women found that their symptoms decreased by thirty-three percent after four days.

Lemon oil supplements also offer value, particularly in those who suffer from diabetic neuropathy. The Central Food Technological Research Institute, which is located in India, conducted research and discovered the Geraniol in lemon has the power to help people with diabetic neuropathy. In the study, people with this health issue were given lemon oil supplements and the results spoke for themselves.

Additionally, if you deal with sciatic nerve damage, you may find that supplementing with lemon oil on a daily basis may improve symptoms.

Fun Fact: The diabetic neuropathy research mentioned above also showed that supplementing with lemon oil has the power to restore the function of cells. This may explain why lemon oil is often linked to disease prevention.

Try Lemon Essential Oil Today

Now that you’re aware of the top lemon essential oil uses, isn’t it time to try it for yourself? Loaded with health-boosting properties and so easy to use, this wonderful oil is definitely a smart buy. Plus, you should be able to find pure and organic formulas for appealing prices.

Hint: Buying this oil online may be the most convenient way to find it at a competitive price.

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