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4 Foods You Should Stay Away From If You’re Depressed


4 Foods You Should Stay Away From If You’re Depressed

4 Foods You Should Stay Away From If You’re Depressed

It may seem far-fetched, but what you eat has a huge impact on how you feel.

Unfortunately, doctors and pharmaceutical companies don’t want you to know this. They love to prescribe pills and offer up solutions that cost billions of dollars each year and won’t necessarily have the same impact as you can in your very own kitchen.

It’s true that your family history, where and how you live, can have a huge impact on depression, but what you may not know is that the food you are eating greatly impacts your happiness. If you are ready to change your mental health and understand how the foods you’re eating can affect you, then continue reading. We will discuss foods that should be avoided because they are linked to low energy and depression.

1. Refined Sugar

refined sugar can cause depression

Everybody knows the sugar high that comes from eating refined sugar. Unfortunately, time and time again, we forget that there is an inevitable crash about 30 minutes later. Your blood sugar isn’t made to handle eating refined sugar. When you consume, your body has to release insulin to attempt to level out your blood sugar. If you continue eating a lot of refined sugar, you will actually end up with too much insulin in your body. This has been linked to depression and sleep problems, among others.

2. Processed Carbs

processed carbs can cause depression

Steering away from the refined sugar and packing your diet full of processed carbs are both detrmental to your emotional well-being. These come in the form of snack foods, cereals, and commercially bought bread. A lot of people still believe that a diet that is high in carbs and skips out on a lot of fat is the best way to lose weight, but it’s not true. Eating a diet high in carbs is actually linked to an increased chance of being depressed. When you eat carbohydrates, your blood sugar will spike just as if you were eating refined sugar. Eating bread from the grocery store and eating a bowl of ice cream has the exact same pack impact on your body, in terms of what your body must process.

3. Hydrogenated Oils and Trans Fats

hydrogenated oils can cause depression

A lot of restaurants use trans fats and hydrogenated oils. These are super cheap and can be used for extensive amounts of food, repeatedly. This equates to improved profits, but a total lack of concern in regards to the health impact that it has on the customers. Every time you eat these foods, you are causing serious inflammation in your body, which will lead to depression. Eating a diet high in “smart fats” is great for your health, but you have to eat the right fat. Trans fat and hydrogenated oils are dangerous for your body and your health.

4. Foods with Pesticide Residue

pesticides can cause depression

If you have an eating a diet high in vegetables and fruits you may feel like clapping yourself on the back because you are making such healthy choices. However, if you are consuming pesticides that are still left on the food, then you are fooling yourself. Farmers use pesticides to make sure that bugs and insects stay away from food while it is being grown, but these pesticides don’t always get washed off before they end up on your table.

Some produce requires more pesticides than others, but it’s important to wash your foods thoroughly if you are unable to buy local organically-grown produce. Eating a diet that has trace pesticides on your fruits and vegetables can cause toxins to ravage your system, causing depression.

Taking a hard look at your food choices will do more than just make you physically healthy, it is sure to improve your mental health as well!

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Depression can be tough to fight.

You can sometimes supplement with medication, however, is that really fixing the root cause/causes of your depression?

Staying away from these foods is a great place to start… but you may find yourself asking, “What should I eat, then?”

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