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The 3 Healthiest Ways to Cook Vegetables

The 3 healthiest ways to cook vegetables


The 3 Healthiest Ways to Cook Vegetables

The 3 Healthiest Ways to Cook Vegetables

Eating more vegetables is a great way to focus on eating a better diet and getting healthier. However, it’s important to know the best way to cook vegetables without losing nutrients.

While some people may think that eating any vegetable is good, there are healthy ways to cook vegetables that taste good. If you are trying to eat more of these delicious foods but are worried about making sure that your meals are as healthy as possible, read on to find out the best ways to cook vegetables to ensure that you get the most nutrients out of your meals.

1. Slow-Cooking

slow cooking vegetables

It’s time to become friends with your slow cooker. Not only is this a great way to cook vegetables, but it’s also hands-off enough that you can do it during the day and have dinner ready when you get home.

Any concern of losing nutrients into the cooking water will be negated if you eat or drink the water as well. Luckily, most of the foods that you cook in a slow cooker will be like a stew or soup, so you will automatically be consuming the cooking water, as well.

When using your slow cooker, make sure to keep the lid on tight, so the steam stays trapped in with your food. This makes sure that your nutrients will be something you can eat later. A great thing to do is to stir in some fat that will help you absorb some of the vitamins in vegetables that are fat-soluble. Olive oil or coconut oil will both help you get vitamin A, vitamin E, and others.

2. Steaming

steaming vegetables

For a much faster way to cook your vegetables but still get their benefits, try steaming them sometime. Since your veggies won’t be sitting in water while they cook, you won’t have to worry about losing nutrients. In fact, if you steam your vegetables, you’re much less likely to break down vitamin C, which researchers say is one of the most accessible vitamins in food to damage when cooking.

As with slow-cooked vegetables, you will want to eat your steamed vegetables with a little bit of healthy fat to make sure that your body can use all of the available nutrients. Not only will this make them more robust, but it will taste great too!

3. Frying

frying vegetables

The fastest way to cook your vegetables is actually the healthiest! You won’t lose any nutrients, as there is no water to drain off after cooking. You’ll be using high heat, but it all happens so quickly that you won’t damage the vegetables. The most important consideration is making sure that you are frying in a healthy oil. Skip processed oils that restaurants use, and opt for coconut oil instead.

Studies have shown that the vitamin C content of potatoes doesn’t change from raw to frying. This is amazing, as vitamin C is so easy to damage! As long as you opt for healthy oils and finish your fried veggies with herbs and spices that are good for you, you’ll reap the benefits of vegetables cooked this way.

Are you eating enough vegetables?

Remember, if you’re just starting out eating vegetables, it doesn’t matter how you cook them, as getting any amount of vegetable in your diet is preferable to skipping them altogether. You can try to focus on the most nutritious way to cook vegetables, however, make sure you don’t get caught up in the concerns of nutrients loss and just focus on adding them to your diet.

You want to make eating vegetables a part of your everyday life.

You may ask,

“How on earth do I do this?”

Trust me: One huge problem with adding vegetables to your diet is not knowing how to incorporate them. I’ve been there.

Not only that – but getting into the repetitive nature of eating the same ones…. the same way…. every stinkin’ meal.

Fortunately, my friends over at Pete’s Paleo have put together a FREE COOKBOOK with 200 recipes to help you avoid boring vegetables every step of the way.

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