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Discover the Uses and Health Benefits of Avocado Oil

Discover the Uses and Health Benefits of Avocado Oil


Discover the Uses and Health Benefits of Avocado Oil

Discover the Uses and Health Benefits of Avocado Oil

Let’s talk about avocado oil. Did you know that adding fats which are great for your heart is one of the keys to getting or staying healthy? When you choose avocado oil, you’ll find that it provides an array of health benefits and cosmetic benefits. As well, it tastes so good!

These days, the many health benefits of this oil are becoming better-known. It’s an oil which is much healthier than some. The truth is that certain oils are not good for you.

Avocado oil is definitely the exception!

In particular, if you’re embracing a Paleo diet plan, you should know that avocado oil will be a great substitution for coconut oil. In general, people who go Paleo do use coconut oil a lot for cooking. They may get bored of it and want variety. If so, avocado oil is a fine alternative, since it doesn’t oxidize when heated at lower temperatures.

Basic Avocado Oil Facts

avocado oil facts

This healthy oil should be a staple in any Paleo diet pantry! However, all too often, people don’t realize just how practical and beneficial it really is! While avocados are certainly trendy these days, the oil of avocados isn’t quite as fashionable and this is too bad.

This oil comes from avocados and we recommend finding a pure and organic avocado oil today. When you do, you’ll be able to use it in a variety of ways. For example, you may add it to smoothies or drizzle a bit of it over proteins, prior to baking or roasting them. It’s great as a drizzle for fish, like wild tilapia, and actually works well for a variety of culinary purposes.

How is the Oil Made?

how is avocado oil made

Usually, this oil is made by picking avocados, waiting for them to ripen, washing them, de-skinning them, de-pitting them, pressing out any pulp that remains and then separating the oil from the pump.

How to Find the Right Brand

The oil should be pure. This means that it has one ingredient only and this is avocado oil. In addition, it should be labeled as organic. You’ll probably find a high-quality formula at a better health food store or a well-stocked typical grocery store. It’s also available online and shopping online will allow you to check out more brands before you buy. You may also be able to save money when you shop online, as online retailers tend to have lower overhead.

When you’re shopping around, look for a product from a trusted manufacturer. Be sure that the company has a process for extracting the oil which preserves all of its taste and health benefits. As with most oils, the cold-pressed oils are of the highest-quality. They do retain the most taste and the most nutrients. So, hunt around for a formula which is cold-pressed, pure, organic and sold by a trusted brand. This type of avocado oil won’t be hard to find!

Which Health Benefits Does it Provide?

health benefits of avocado oil

There are plenty of health benefits associated with consumption of avocado oil. It’s a good fat and science has proved that good fats add a lot of value to our daily diets. The myth that low-fat diets are the healthiest has been largely debunked. Diets which feature good fats are smarter choices. (1)

When you consume this oil regularly, you’ll find that it helps to ease arthritis symptoms, sparks easier weight loss helps to prevent cancer, improves eye health, lowers cholesterol and improves general health. Both oils of avocado and avocados provide these benefits.

The type of fat which is found in this oil is monounsaturated. It’s great for the heart! Since it does have the power to lower cholesterol, it’s a weapon in the battle against heart problems. As well, it may assist those who have diabetes with managing their health issues. (2)

Fun Avocado Oil Hacks

fun avocado oil hacks

As a beauty aid, this oil reigns supreme! People have been using it to care for their skin and hair for a very long time and it works just as well today as it did in the olden days. Use it as a mask to soften the skin on your face, body and hands, or add a bit to shampoo in order to make it more emollient. It’s an ingredient in many commercial skin and hair products with natural ingredients. However, you may also make your own skin and hair care products with this oil. You’ll find tons of easy recipes for personal care products that feature this oil online.

When it comes to cooking, this oil is very beneficial, as it doesn’t smoke until the pot or pan is heated to five hundred degrees Fahrenheit. This is good news, as oils which overheat at lower temperatures tend to lose their nutrients and their phytochemicals. As well, when oil overheats, it may produce free radicals which speed up the aging process.

As well, this oil is packed with vitamin E, which is great for carrying other tastes.

When you choose this fat-based oil, you’ll find that it absorbs nutrients from other foods, including the carotenoids which are present in certain foods. Also, if you want to put this oil on your body or face, you’ll find that it sinks in very well and that it has the capacity to soothe. It’s works so well in fact, it’s compared to coconut oil for skin care. For example, it’s great for treating sunburnt skin. (3)

As well, this oil has sterolins content. Sterolins are steroids which are natural. They help to increase the production of collagen and may also assist with preventing age spots.

How to Cook with This Oil

cooking with avocado oil

One easy tip is to add a bit of this oil to your Paleo salads. It’ll help you to get more nutrients from salad ingredients. However, be aware of the calorie content in this oil. It’s actually pretty high, so drizzle just a bit on top of a fresh salad in order to get its benefits, without racking up too many calories.

Another cooking tip is to use avocado oil whenever butter is called for in a recipe.

Give Avocado Oil A Try!

Now that you know more about avocado oil, why not try it today?

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