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Coconut Oil for Skin Care: Benefits, Facts & Uses

coconut oil for skin care


Coconut Oil for Skin Care: Benefits, Facts & Uses

Coconut Oil for Skin Care: Benefits, Facts & Uses

Coconut Oil has long been revered as a somewhat “miracle” oil for its multi-use benefits. Specifically, coconut oil for skin care. From cooking to hair to face to the skin, there are too many uses to count. The fact that is a natural beauty product and devoid of any toxic chemicals makes it all the more appealing. It does the same things, if not more, than most other expensive beauty products. Sans the cost and harsh chemicals.

What is Coconut Oil?

the benefits of coconut oil

the benefits of coconut oil

Coco Nucifera, otherwise known as coconut oil, is derived from the coconut palm. For centuries it has been widely used and sought after not only as a source of food but as a medicine as well. The nut is used as food, and the other properties of the plant have an array of other beneficial uses. In India, this coconut palm is referred to as “The tree which provides necessities to all things in life.” In the Philippines is it regarded as “The tree of life”. Found primarily in tropical regions, the coconut tree can grow upwards of up to 70 feet and can live up to 70 years. Each coconut tree brings forth roughly 6-12 bunches of nuts every month.

As the oil itself does not grow on trees, it cannot be considered an “unrefined” product in its purest form. Therefore, coconut oil is viewed as a refined product. The oil is removed from the nut or meat of the adult coconuts taken from the palm tree. If you are seeking true unrefined coconut oil, that would have to come from the oil which is still within the meat of the coconut. When purchasing, you will notice two types of coconut oil- refined, and unrefined. “Virgin Coconut Oil” is the term used for coconut that is the closest to being unrefined.

What about smell?

The biggest difference between unrefined and refined coconut oil is the scent. Whereas refined oil has very little to no scent, unrefined coconut oil has a potent coconut odor and flavor.

The fruit of the oil itself is largely composed of saturated fats. It also has a high amount of medium-chain fatty acids, with a generous portion of the fatty acid being lauric acid. Coconut oil also contains plentiful amounts of Vitamin E, a vitamin known for its anti -aging properties and its powerful abilities to curb and neutralize free radicals. It’s one of nature’s best kept secrets.

Coconut Oil and Mineral Oil – The Same Things?

coconut oil for the skin

Mineral Oil and Coconut Oil are vastly different oils. Whereas coconut oil is derived from a plant source which in its purest form retains the coconut odor and flavor, mineral oil has no taste nor odor.  It is also derived from a non-plant-based substance, which is petroleum.

Mineral oil is widely used as well, however, and can found in lotions, creams, ointments, cosmetics, even pesticides.

Mineral oil, however, cannot compare to the natural, organic benefits in coconut oil when used on the body, however. It’s not as effective as coconut oil for skin care. The function of our kidneys is to rid the body of toxins. The skin is unable to do so if it cannot “breathe”.  If the skin cannot breathe, the toxins cannot be released. The toxins are then “trapped” in the body, which can be harmful. Therefore, mineral oil may be detrimental, as the oil pulls out the moisture from these cells. This moisture is vital to cell growth, and because mineral oil pulls the moisture from within these cells, the oil prevents cell renewal, collagen breakdown, and caused connective tissue to be damaged.

Coconut Oil – Not Just for Cooking

coconut oil uses

Coconut oil has astounding benefits, and using on the skin is just one of them. Due to the high-fat content, the skin responds well to coconut oil. It improves the skin’s appearance and elasticity. In addition, coconut oil help in the recovery of wounds, reduces rashes and other skin issues, as well as preventing acne. It also has great anti-inflammatory properties.

What also sets coconut oil apart from other oils is that it does not contain petroleum of other water based properties which can do the skin more harm than good by blocking up pores. Rather, coconut oil hydrates and softens the skin and it sinks beneath the surface of the skin. It also acts are a dirt and makeup remover, clearing away grime on our face and wiping away dead skin cells for a clearer complexion.

How Coconut Oil can Change Your Skin

coconut oil face wash

coconut oil face wash

Other than helping for sunburn… there are numerous ways in which coconut oil can revitalize your skin. For example:

1. Conditions and Softens

Coconut oil quickly burrows beneath the skin surface, which leaves the outer layer soft and smooth. Vey little is needed on the body and face, so use small amounts especially when using as a moisturizer. It si easy to overdo it, and too much, although not detrimental, will leave you feeling oily. It also is great on hands and feet.

2. Cleans the Skin

Not only is it a moisturizer, but it is a cleanser as well, removing makeup and other impurities found on the skin. Dip a cotton ball into som moisturizer and voila! The makeup will be instantly removed, leaving you with softer and cleaner skin.

3. Combats Acne

The fatty acids in coconut oil have potent anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties. These two combined are a powerful force in taking on acne and breakouts and keeping the pores clean.

The Vitamin E found in coconut oil acts to curb the inflammation that usually is found with acne. Therefore, it not only alleviates the inflammation but the damage it does to the skin as well.

How to Apply Coconut Oil on the Face

applying coconut oil

The best coconut oil for skin care to use for the face is virgin cold-pressed unrefined. This has a distinct odor of coconut and in its pure form, you are reaping all the benefits the oil has to offer.

How can I use coconut oil for skin care?

To apply coconut oil, wash your face every day and night, then lightly dab dry. Using a small amount, rub the oil with your fingertips all over your face, neck, and anywhere else you wish to use it. Allow it to sink in the skin.

For use as a homemade deodorant, use baking soda and coconut oil.

The benefits of coconut oil for skin care are numerous, and using them on the skin is one of the best uses of it. The benefits are endless. So what are you waiting for? Start using!

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