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7 Amazing Benefits of Onions (Onion Nutrition)

benefits of onions


7 Amazing Benefits of Onions (Onion Nutrition)

7 Amazing Benefits of Onions (Onion Nutrition)

In most every kitchen there is hiding an incredible vegetable that is actually amazing for you. Besides tasting delicious, onions have a wide variety of uses that go far beyond being used in your favorite dish. Especially when we’re talking about onion nutrition. The benefits of onions are obvious when used for cooking, however, they are super versatile and can be used in other applications such as wonderful home remedies. Keeping onions on hand means that you’re only a few minutes away from whipping up an at-home treatment for a number of common illnesses.

The Wonderful Health Benefits of Onions

are onions good for you

Onions, like garlic, hail from the allium family. They are both quite pungent and can be overpowering at times. But their pungency goes far beyond their smell. Taking advantage of onion nutrition is important because they are packed full of amazing vitamins and nutrients. They boast a lot of folates, vitamin C, calcium, potassium, phosphorous, and even magnesium.

One antioxidant that onions have a lot of us quercetin. This, like most antioxidants, is very powerful in the fight to keep you as healthy as possible. This particular antioxidant is handy in the fight against heart disease. It can keep your blood flowing freely in your body and will even boost your immunity. Quercetin will protect you against a number of different cancers and can help in the fight against cataracts. While all onions contain quercetin, yellow onions have a higher amount than do white or red onions.

More Onion Nutrition & Facts

onion nutrition

  • Onions can be used in the fight against osteoporosis as they will build mineral density and bone density.
  • Diabetics will benefit from eating onions as they will improve insulin and lower the blood sugar level.
  • If you suffer from oral problems, chewing raw onions will help kill germs, prevent decay, and soothe a toothache.
  • Onions were used in the past to absorb germs that may be present in the room. Bowls with cut onions placed around a room to remove these germs.
  • Even though frying most foods will reduce or eliminate their health benefits, fried onions will still increase the amount of quercetin in your blood. Fried onions can even increase antioxidant ability. So while frying your food isn’t the healthiest choice, fried onions are still really good for you!
  • In the fight against harmful bacteria, onions have fructooligosaccharides in them. These fight bad bacteria while still promoting the growth of good bacteria.

As mentioned, there are a number of amazing home remedies that use onions. Listed below are seven that you can use in your home to become even healthier.

1. Create a poultice to fight against coughing and congestion

When you have a lot of mucus that you can’t seem to cough up, creating a poultice with onions will help break it up and reduce your coughing. You can choose to apply the poultice topically or even take it internally. To make the poultice simply dice an onion and cook in a tablespoon of water. When the water evaporates allow it to cool then wrap in a towel, securing the ends with a rubber band or tie. You then place the poultice on your chest or back for half an hour, repeating as necessary.

2. Boost immunity with fire cider

“Fire Cider” has been around a long time and is used to boost immunity in people who are sick or tend to be sick. It’s a spicy mixture of onions, garlic, horseradish, and cayenne pepper that is steeped in apple cider vinegar. There are many recipes online that are available if you want to try this fiery drink.

3. Honey syrup to take medicine

Onion honey syrup is great to take daily during the winter months to ward off sickness or to use to fight the flu or cold. It’s great for relieving any congestion or coughing that you are suffering from. Honey syrup can work wonders as a natural remedy for a sore throat. It can easily be made by thinly slicing an onion and covering with honey in a saucepan. Heat the mixture slowly until the onions become translucent. This can be taken up to six times a day when you are sick and try to fight a cough.

4. Fight ear infections

When you or a family member are suffering from an ear infection you can quickly find relief with a roasted onion. Cool the onion until it’s comfortable to touch and then place it on the ear, taking care to make sure that no parts of the onion fall into the ear canal. You can also gently squeeze some of the juice from the onion and apply this to the ear.

5. Make delicious soup

Making a soup or broth with the whole onion – including the skin – is a great way to get high levels of quercetin in your diet. If you normally peel your onions, save them, and then use them to make homemade broth. Not only will your soup be more flavorful, but it will also be much more nutritious.

6. Treat sprains, strains, and sore muscles

One of the hidden talents of onions is that they are able to draw blood close to the surface of your skin and actually increase circulation. This is known as being a rubefacient. Not only will applying an onion poultice to your skin soothe your sore muscles, but it will also reduce any inflammation that you are suffering from. You can make an onion poultice and apply it to reap these benefits.

7. Draw out infections in cuts or stings

From time to time, you will get an infection in your skin. This can come from not caring for a cut or scrape, or from something like a bee sting or bite. If you are suffering from pain and have pus in the infected area, simply applying an onion poultice or raw sliced onion to the painful area will help in removing pus from the damaged skin. This is a much better way to heal your body than trying to squeeze out the pus.

Final Thoughts

onion benefits

Along with all of these wonderful uses for onions, there are many incredible recipes available for you to try. Some favorites online include cucumber salad, healthy onion rings, and even liver and onions with bacon. Start taking advantage of onion nutrition today.

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