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Yerba Mate Benefits Breakdown: Better Than Coffee?

yerba mate benefits


Yerba Mate Benefits Breakdown: Better Than Coffee?

Yerba Mate Benefits Breakdown: Better Than Coffee?

Are you like so many people who are addicted to their morning cup of coffee? Do you rely on it for digestive help or energy to carry out your day? Well, there is a new beverage in town. It’s called: yerba mate. It is similar to green tea in that it is chock full of polyphenols and rich in antioxidants. Not to mention, it has a delicious taste. In today’s article, we’ll be going over yerba mate benefits in the body.

Coffee Reigns Supreme

yerba mate caffeine

Coffee has been the king of morning routines for centuries. If you want to be truly productive, you need to make the decision to decrease your coffee consumption because it is only holding you back.

How can you decrease such a wonderful part of your morning? It is normal to seek the heavy and deep flavor that works to wake you in the morning? Is it normal to look for it in the middle of the day when you are wondering how you’re going to make it to dinner time? Especially wit?out a nap. It seems like coffee is a must. Or is it? Although coffee has antioxidants, there are other options.

Although coffee has antioxidants, there are other options.

Have you heard of yerba mate? It has a multitude of health benefits that can match coffee. Yerba mate also has its own delicious flavor that is close to that of black tea.

If you are nervous that by switching away from coffee you will miss out on social aspects of your life, I understand. However, you should know of the popularity in South America. They really take advantage of Yerba Mate caffeine there. They drink yerba mate in settings the way that we drink coffee in North America.

I Care About Health: What Are The Yerba Mate Benefits?

yerba mate tea vs coffee

That is so understandable, right? Don’t drink something you aren’t comfortable with. The leaves of the ilex paraguariensis plant are used to make yerba mate. For a long time, it has been primarily used for medicinal purposes. However, now it has become a popular social beverage.

Yerba mate does have the same type of stimulation benefit that caffeine does, so it will wake you up in the morning and it also has anti-inflammatory elements (like turmeric) that are excellent.

Heart Health is Key

This is not a joke, something that speeds you up is good for your heart too. It combats cellular damage but it also protects the heart and the whole cardio system because it dilates the blood vessels to increase circulation.

Brain Benefits, Too

Yes, drinking yerba mate can decrease the rate of memory issues and increase general brain function. Unlike the fall you get with coffee, yerba mate keeps you going in a healthy way that you can benefit from for hours and over a lifetime of regular consumption you will see fewer changes of diseases of things that cause memory loss and aged confusion.

Anti-inflammatory Elements are Present

Eating sugar really cannot be avoided in the culture we live in, and when it is consumed there is a process that occurs called glycation. It creates damage to the body’s proteins and that damage can lead to inflammatory issues for the body such as arthritis, dementia (memory) or fibromyalgia.

By NO MEANS does this mean to constantly indulge in sugar, but it does mean that if you do have some from time to time if you also drink yerba mate, your body will be better equipped to handle the repercussions.

Get Into Shape, Yep, Good for Weight Loss

Yerba mate helps the human body burn fat more efficiently which helps in weight loss; it also stops the appetite from going past the healthy point of hunger and aids in creating a healthy eating balance. Yerba mate is additionally great because it encircles the organs like the heart or the liver and blocks visceral fat—it fights for you, in your own body. What more can you ask for?

Protection Against Diabetes

That seems like a big promise. However, it is true because yerba mate can lessen the chances of visceral fats that cause diabetes. Yerba mate also improves insulin levels. Which of course, insulin is a huge factor in diabetes. It isn’t a miracle drug, but try to implement it into your life. At least you will know that you’ve tried all you can to protect your health. Can coffee do that?

Liver Care

Antioxidants work hard in yerba mate to protect your liver by reducing the oxidation that damages the liver’s cells. It also guards against diseases such as pancreatitis because it expertly balances triglyceride levels.

Downfalls to Switching to Yerba Mate

yerba mate tea benefits

Like everything in life, there are downfalls to completely switching to drinking yerba mate tea. There are aromatic hydrocarbons that are found in it. They are also found in charred food items and tobacco. Just be careful of that and consider it a risk you might be willing to take.

You need to be conscious of how the herb has been grown. Like anything that is grown in the environment, there can be heavy metals (lead, or aluminum for example) present. These can be harmful if ingested over a long period of time.

Before you are really afraid, the amount of average lead concentration found in yerba mate is less than half of what is nationally considered. By the environmental protection agency, listed to be safe for drinking water. You probably drink worse things daily. Coffee is made with water. Therefore, most likely contains the same toxins.

The upside to all of this is that yerba mate is also high in antioxidants which are cancer-fighting agents and good for health.

It is all about balance.

How should you drink it? Can you dress it up like coffee?

yerba mate caffeine

Similar to coffee, yerba mate can be had with milk or creamer. Syrups or flavorings like honey or agave can also be added to sweeten it. Try it over ice and sip it with a straw. Just how you would your favorite iced coffee.

Now that you know the extensive advantages of consuming yerba mate, go any try some today. The benefits are clear and undeniable. If you want more information, do some research and you will find that it is worth looking into!

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